Encroachment Information

An encroachment is any improvement that may take place on the Beaver Creek Metro District’s property or easement.  The Beaver Creek Metro District requires an Encroachment Agreement for every improvement that a homeowner intends to make to his property that may occur on or within the Beaver Creek Metro District’s easement.  An Encroachment Agreement must be signed off by the Beaver Creek Metro District before obtaining final DRB approval for a project.

The first step is to acquire an Encroachment Agreement from the BCMD Administration Office or by downloading it by clicking here: Encroachment Agreement.  The Encroachment Agreement should then be filled out and returned to the Administration Office, located at 40847 Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail (across from Ti Amo’s), complete with drawings and explicit notes documenting the changes that will be occurring.  The Encroachment Agreement will then be examined and approved/disapproved by Bill Simmons, the BCMD General Manager, or, depending on the improvement, will be presented to the BCMD Board of Directors for approval.

Please keep in mind that neglecting to acquire an Encroachment Agreement could result in the removal of improvements and/or fines.  Should you have any questions regarding Encroachment Agreements please do not hesitate to call Angela Kamby or Bill Simmons at the BCMD Administration Office, (970) 748-9174.